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Welcome to the Alberta Trail Riding Association web site. ATRA is a non-profit organization actively involved in preserving the natural environment for future generations' enjoyment of equestrian activities such as driving and riding.

ATRA meets at 7pm on the 3rd Thursday of every month, excluding summer and December.  Please come and check us out! 

Meeting location (unless otherwise specified):  Kirk United Church - 13535 - 122ave, Edmonton.

Next Meeting:  November 19th, 2015

Guest Speaker:  Judy Wardrop - The Key to Successful Partnership: How is Your Horse Built?

Judy will discuss concepts of conformation as they relate to the horse's ability to stay sound and perform on the trail, in the show ring on on the racetrack.  This information applies to all breeds and all disciplines.  Judy has studies, researched and written about top performance horses for over 30 years.  Her knowledge addresses how the construction of a horse's skeleton impacts the horse's ability to perform at peak efficiency and to last.  Understanding the concept of functional conformation allows riders and their trainers to select horses that are most likely to succeed in a particular discipline.


ATRA 2016 membership form is now available!

Please visit the "membership" section to download the new form.  Those that renew before or at the October 15th general meeting will be entered to win a door prize.


ATRA Year-End Movie

Regina Landeck has offered to do up a movie of the various rides/activities of 2015. She needs
your pictures/video files by the end of October!
If you have any pictures or short video
files, please send them to Regina's email. Dropbox might be best for larger files.
When sending pictures, please include the specifics of the ride/activity (where, when, who took
the picture) and bundle it all together in a zip file. If you have a caption for specific pictures,
please specify the name of the picture file and write the comments. Only comment on a few pics,
please. I won't be able to have captions for each picture. Looking forward to your pictures!


A schedule of activities for 2015 is on the "Events" page.
The Executive for 2015 is on the "Contact Us" page


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