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Welcome to the Alberta Trail Riding Association web site. ATRA is a non-profit organization actively involved in preserving the natural environment for future generations' enjoyment of equestrian activities such as driving and riding.

ATRA meets at 7pm on the 3rd Thursday of every month, excluding summer and December.  Please come and check us out! 

Meeting location (unless otherwise specified):  Kirk United Church - 13535 - 122ave, Edmonton.

Next Meeting:  November 17th, 2016

Guest Speaker:  Linda Finstad, photographer - How to Take a Good Horse Picture

Tips if you are looking to advertise a horse or just want those great moments with your horse to look great.

Linda Finstad is a Teacher BHSAI, Entre-preneur, Pro Photographer, Author, lover of all things Horse and devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Born in rural England Lin-da spent her youth Competing and teach-ing horse riding following the classical guidelines set out by the British Horse so-ciety. She emigrated to Canada with her husband Tom and daughter Katy in 1997. She saw this change in country as an op-portunity to change her career path, so went back to school to learn the science of photography. Her goal was to become the official photographer at horse shows. For the past 17 years she has been doing just that and much more. Linda is author of “The Horse Watcher” answers to ques-tions you never knew you had. This book proved so popular that she went on to de-velop “The Horse Watcher Equine Behaviour Program”. A series of lessons and workshops that are changing the way people view equine behaviour and commu-nication. Her solid research and down to earth way of unraveling how humans and horses can successfully interact and communicate is both refreshing and inspiring.


Photos for year-end movie:

From REGINA: Photos/videos for the year-end movie, please! Can you bring
your pictures/videos to the November ATRA meeting, please? They can be on a
USB stick or a CD-ROM. Please do not give me ALL your pictures. It took me a long
time to sort through them last year. Pick ones that are representative of the areas we
ride in and the people we ride with. Please put the pictures in folders by ride and
add your full name to the folders (e.g. Hummingbird 2016_Regina Landeck). This
helps me keep track and will guarantee that you will see you name in the credits
(important at Oscar time!). Looking forward to your submissions.
2017 ATRA Clinic Ideas: Board will be organizing clinics for 2017 at the Nov 7



A schedule of activities for 2016 is on the "Events" page.
The Executive for 2016 is on the "Contact Us" page


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